Tips on running a business Online while keeping your office work

Every day doing work in the office is not an easy task. You will get a variety of matters that need to be done as well as various problems that can suddenly come. The monthly salary earned sometimes can not be adequate to pay the cost of living a month. There’s a new opportunity to run an online business.
Nowadays, online business is easy to run. From the business of selling clothes to various equipments that can help daily life. The platform is also diverse, from social media to e-commerce. It feels heavy when coupled with office work, but the revenue earned is not small. That’s what makes online business very tempting. In order to make a balance between office work and online business, the following five tips must be followed.

Ilustration: Tips on running a business Online while keeping your office work

Choose the most suitable online business for you
The earliest step in running a business is certainly looking for a business that suits you best. You can find out what to sell. The easiest is to find the one you like. If you like fashion, then you can sell clothes. If you like culinary, you can sell your favorite food. With you choosing the most suitable business, you can run it more casually and calmly because it is just like a hobby. Income will also come by itself without noticeably.

Fixed 100% focus for office work
When choosing to run an online business while keeping an office job, the main problem is focus. By having two jobs, the focus will usually split, even a bad impact into the actual office work is your main job.
You should still try to focus 100% on work in the office by changing the way you think. When you’re in the office, don’t think about your online business, especially if the problem is coming. Stay focused and let your thoughts about the business online when you’re home from work.

Set time Well
In a day, there are only 24 hours that you can walk. But when it has two jobs, sometimes the time to move is short and it makes you become a mind. For that, you can try to set the time well. For example let office work master you from entering the office until home. After that, with the time remaining, you can take care of the online business.

Always ready with the worst case scenario
Going through two jobs is not an easy thing. Sometimes the problem comes as a change, even a nightmare for you. So while going through two jobs, you should always be prepared with the worst case scenario.
For example, office management doesn’t like the business you’re running. It is a nightmare of its own because you have only two options: Focus with Office work aka close business or even resign from office to focus to online business. Something like this that can come every time.

Always positive Thinking
Yes, when having two jobs, tired and exhausted will hit you by itself. This can make you instead focus on working and also make the business not going well. For that, try changing your thinking style by staying positive and not thinking about negative things that are just a moment of fear. By keeping positive thinking, you will be more happy and comfortable running those two jobs.

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