Plan your family’s future

Who does not want his or her fruit to be educated up to the high level? Surely every parent wants it, right? There are many ways parents can make their children reach the highest point of the education level in order to benefit his or her future life.
Unfortunately, there are many factors that can be said to be the obstacle or barrier of such achievement. For example, the lack of seed in regulating the family economy resulted in education funds used for other purposes, health problems, calamities that were not expected until death.
Therefore, nowadays many parents are already preparing funds early so that in the future, their children can continue their education without the hassle of cost. From the variety of ways there are 2 things that are quite reasonable and can be taken, namely to set aside money to be saved as an education saving or also have education insurance.

Ilustration: Plan your family’s future

Then which one is more appropriate to choose? A savings or a good educational insurance?

Not a few parents who choose to save or away their money in the bank with the thought of such money can be taken at any time without having to wait for any process. Even the funds can also be used at any time for other urgent purposes and then replaced when the situation is conducive.
However, the downside is that if the money can be easily taken, then there is a possibility that the funds that have been set aside will not return in full. There is also a possibility that the funds will be redundant, but the amount of life is always not balanced with income in each month. Therefore, the risk of pruning education funds that are saved in the bank is greater.
In addition, from the protective side, the fruit will not get any protection from any risk that at any time can overwrite it, such as illness or also accident. All must be borne by parents using personal money or even take the projected money for future education funds.

Unlike the bank’s savings, the money paid or premiums deposited to the insurer cannot be taken at any time. There are some companies that allow the insurance money to be taken at any time, but there must be a special clause and a previous agreement.
However, aside from taking the money at any time after being deposited to the insurer or insurance company, you can see the benefits of education insurance products, that is, the fruit will get Protection from the deadline to the conclusion of the insurance contract.
The protection includes many things, from the risk of illness, accidents to death. Therefore, not many people are more glancing at using good educational insurance services than by away their money in the bank for the same purpose.
Even if the insured is a parent, although the parent dies, the parents will still be able to continue his education until adulthood without having to think about the cost because of the benefits provided by the insurance product.

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