Minimalist garden design Tips in a narrow house

The narrow land is not a barrier to being able to have a beautiful garden. With detailed planning and careful calculations, the plot of land in the front and back yard can be created into a beautiful garden to beautify the whole house building.

Here are minimalist garden design tips in the narrow land that you can try:

Set area and land location for garden
Before creating the design, first determine how wide the land will be utilized for the park.
This land mapping serves to determine the theme or concept of garden as well as various types of plants that will decorate the garden.
For actual location There are no specific rules. Only it would be better if the park was placed on the front porch of the house, precisely at the corner of the courtyard.

Ilustration: Minimalist garden design Tips in a narrow house

Decide which theme park to build
Determining the theme of the park can be adjusted to taste or adapt it to the overall theme of the house.
There are a variety of theme parks to choose from, such as tropical themes for areas with high levels of rainfall, Yogyakarta and Sundanese themes with the characteristic of bamboo and wood shower, Bali theme with sculpture and carving, and others.

To give it a dynamic impression, add a wooden plant and various types of rocks as a carport.
The theme of the park itself is also influenced by the media to grow crops, namely planting directly to the soil and through planting media as a pot-like intermediary.
Planting directly to the ground, will create a wide impression on the garden is using the media pot for the type of stacked or vertical garden will strengthen its function and character.

Decide the type of plant to be chosen to decorate the park
Tips on designing a minimalist garden on the next narrow land is to determine the type of plant because the plant type should not be recklessly and must be adjusted to the area of land for the garden.
If the land is too narrow, avoid planting too many types of plants because it will actually make the garden seem dirty.

As the central of the park, choose one of the large type of plants and add a cover plant with a variety of small ornamental plants, for example by planting Anthurium that has wide leaf petals as central, then Combined with various types of Adenium, only then cover the land with elephant grass.
In determining the type of plant, the color uniformity of leaves and flowers should also be considered.

To bring the impression of passion and cheerful, the right choice is a colorful flower is to give a beautiful impression can be done by dominating the garden with a green type of plant.
Do crop grouping based on planting media or based on crop color similarity to create harmonization and give clean and tidy impression.

Watch Drainage
The development and arrangement of drains or drainage became part of the way to design a minimalist garden on a narrow field, because if the garden is too small, it becomes less appetizing to be seen.

To facilitate the fall of water and absorption, make drainage holes in the lower surface of the ground and make sure the drainage channels are not blocked by garbage or other objects so that water can flow smoothly.

Given the current drainage cover model is quite a lot, choose one that fits the concept of the garden to make it look aligned.

Watch the lighting factor
Sunlight is one of the important factors to keep the plant well grown, although there are some types of plants that should not be exposed to sunlight directly or should not be exposed to sunlight too much.
That’s why the lighting factor becomes part of the minimalist garden design tips on the narrow land.
The way by observing the typology of the plant type in the park and how big the plant needs to the sunlight.
If the plant will be able to grow well if not exposed to sunlight directly, then choose a shaded area or use a paranet to filter and shade the plant from the sunlight.

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