How to make money from blogs

You feel interested in blogging activity though don’t know much about what to do? You have no experience and minimal technical ability? Or you haven’t managed to make money since the first blog post? In this article you will find ways of making money from blogging, slowly but surely, earning you will earn.

How do I make money from blogs?
This is so the question for most people, “How do I make money from the blog?”, here are some basic steps traveled from most bloggers who rely on blogs as a livelihood.

  • Create a blog
  • Generate useful content
  • Find a Reader
  • Build closeness with readers who come to your blog
  • Start earning money from the number of existing readers.
ilustration: How to make money from blogs

1. Revenue from advertising

Many bloggers start this way. Obtaining a blog entry in this way is not much different from how magazines or newspapers sell their ads. When traffic starts to go up, you’ll meet advertisers who are willing to spend a fee so that their products or services can be viewed by your readers.

While you need good traffic before placing an ad, there are network ads like Google AdSense that allow small-scale publishers to run ads on their blogs.

2. Income from affiliates
Affiliate promotion is the most common type of income that bloggers have.
Affiliate inclusion means that you create a link to a product that is sold on another site, for example in Dewaweb, and if someone follows your link and buys that product, you will earn a commission from the sale.

This is so a great way to start blog monetization because the Affiliate program is easy to sign up for its. In addition, when you have a loyal reader, they will follow the recommendations you make to a product.

3. Hold Events
Although this is not a choice of most bloggers, but more and more bloggers are making money from holding events.
The size of events held varies from major conferences to bloggers ‘ meetings and smaller readers. The money generated can be from the ticket payment by the present reader or find the event sponsor. Follow our guide to hold an event.

4. Recurring Income
Another category for the inclusion of bloggers is through recurring income or can also be called program continuity or membership program. This means that readers pay some money regularly, usually monthly or annually, to gain access to premium content, community areas, specific services, training, or a combination of them.

5. Services or services
One common way for many bloggers to earn money is through service offerings to their readers. This can be many forms ranging from training and consulting, writing, design, or other freelance services.

6. Products
Some bloggers get a major income from book sales. Indeed, this kind of product takes time to manufacture, but quite profitable.
Products can be many forms, not only e-book, but also can be virtual products such as software, reports, and so on.
Other types of products that bloggers sell are physical products. This is very reasonable when blogger/you have a business or product for sale

7. Other revenue streams
There are certainly income in other forms obtained by bloggers. Some are requests for donations or syndication of content to other sites.
Most full-time bloggers make money with more than one revenue channel. Varying income accelerates your journey to become a full-time blogger.

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