Minimalist garden design Tips in a narrow house

The narrow land is not a barrier to being able to have a beautiful garden. With detailed planning and careful calculations, the plot of land in the front and back yard can be created into a beautiful garden to beautify the whole house building.

Here are minimalist garden design tips in the narrow land that you can try:

Set area and land location for garden
Before creating the design, first determine how wide the land will be utilized for the park.
This land mapping serves to determine the theme or concept of garden as well as various types of plants that will decorate the garden.
For actual location There are no specific rules. Only it would be better if the park was placed on the front porch of the house, precisely at the corner of the courtyard.

Ilustration: Minimalist garden design Tips in a narrow house

Decide which theme park to build
Determining the theme of the park can be adjusted to taste or adapt it to the overall theme of the house.
There are a variety of theme parks to choose from, such as tropical themes for areas with high levels of rainfall, Yogyakarta and Sundanese themes with the characteristic of bamboo and wood shower, Bali theme with sculpture and carving, and others.

To give it a dynamic impression, add a wooden plant and various types of rocks as a carport.
The theme of the park itself is also influenced by the media to grow crops, namely planting directly to the soil and through planting media as a pot-like intermediary.
Planting directly to the ground, will create a wide impression on the garden is using the media pot for the type of stacked or vertical garden will strengthen its function and character.

Decide the type of plant to be chosen to decorate the park
Tips on designing a minimalist garden on the next narrow land is to determine the type of plant because the plant type should not be recklessly and must be adjusted to the area of land for the garden.
If the land is too narrow, avoid planting too many types of plants because it will actually make the garden seem dirty.

As the central of the park, choose one of the large type of plants and add a cover plant with a variety of small ornamental plants, for example by planting Anthurium that has wide leaf petals as central, then Combined with various types of Adenium, only then cover the land with elephant grass.
In determining the type of plant, the color uniformity of leaves and flowers should also be considered.

To bring the impression of passion and cheerful, the right choice is a colorful flower is to give a beautiful impression can be done by dominating the garden with a green type of plant.
Do crop grouping based on planting media or based on crop color similarity to create harmonization and give clean and tidy impression.

Watch Drainage
The development and arrangement of drains or drainage became part of the way to design a minimalist garden on a narrow field, because if the garden is too small, it becomes less appetizing to be seen.

To facilitate the fall of water and absorption, make drainage holes in the lower surface of the ground and make sure the drainage channels are not blocked by garbage or other objects so that water can flow smoothly.

Given the current drainage cover model is quite a lot, choose one that fits the concept of the garden to make it look aligned.

Watch the lighting factor
Sunlight is one of the important factors to keep the plant well grown, although there are some types of plants that should not be exposed to sunlight directly or should not be exposed to sunlight too much.
That’s why the lighting factor becomes part of the minimalist garden design tips on the narrow land.
The way by observing the typology of the plant type in the park and how big the plant needs to the sunlight.
If the plant will be able to grow well if not exposed to sunlight directly, then choose a shaded area or use a paranet to filter and shade the plant from the sunlight.

Strategies to choose a good property to buy

Buying properties is not only for use, but it can also be for investment. Because investing is one of the steps to create financial freedom.
Not only so, in the short-term investing is a wise step to overcome the pace of inflation that cannot be dammed.
Among the many types of investments, the property is seen as the best type of investment because it has a relatively small risk with a big profit.

However, although it is in a safe category, it does not mean there is no risk at all. Similarly, investment in other fields, if making a fundamental mistake in investing, propertipun possible loss.
That is why, those who will invest in the area of property need to know how to choose a profitable property.

Ilustration: Strategies to choose a good property to buy

Here are some tips for investing in property areas that you need to know:

Choose the best developer
To ensure the safety of your investments, make sure you buy a property from a developer who has a convincing credibility by learning about its track record.
Good property developers have the ability to deliver quality projects, they are supported by qualified human resources so that the mistakes that occur in the project are small.
Mistakes that may occur for developers are discrepancies between promises and realities.
For example, the housing project is promised to be received in a period of 12 months, but because something is due late from the promised.

Another example of any discrepancy between the material used with the material promised in the contract.
What’s worse is that the project is late in its entirety or doesn’t run at all.
Good developers have the ability to project planning and analysis. So that with these capabilities they are able to present a good project and easily absorbed by the market.

Great location
Location plays a huge role in the success of a property project. Buyers will benefit if buying a property that is in a strategic location because the price of the property will be easily increased.
The strategic location is the location where the demand for the property is higher than its distribution. Demand is greater than suply.
The location that can be categorized here is a location in the area that there are always people who dismount the property.
Because the land has been shortened to the narrowest while the population is always increasing over time.
It is not a misopinion that the location is much more important than the building conditions, if the purchase of the property is made for investment purposes.

How to assess a strategic location or not?

The strategic location has many criteria, but generally a property is seen to have strategic location if not far from the crowded center, shopping centers, offices, public facilities such as hospitals, stadiums, educational institutions, Places of worship and so on.

Supported Complete facilities
The sale price of the property in an environment equipped with a variety of facilities higher than the poor housing facilities.
Because the existence of facilities not only help facilitate daily activities but also open opportunities for property owners to develop other businesses or invest in other sectors.
This is what makes housing that has a lot of facilities with a more expensive price that is unique, it is better than the cheaper housing price but with a minimal facility.
The undeniable fact that many developers have now developed a mixed-use project that combines residential areas with a wide range of public facilities and commercial facilities such as shopping malls, health care venues, Institutions, sports facilities, and so on.

Pay attention to property price movements
In addition to paying attention to the various models of property project development that benefit the buyer through the facts in the field, also note the price movement of the property.
How progressive ups and downs of property prices are in the area, of course, considering the quality of buildings, location and the number of facilities in the vicinity.
By paying attention to the price movements of the property, you will be able to assess where the house is sold at a cheap price and expensive, and know when to hold a property that you have enough to rent it and when to sell .

Don’t accumulate property in one place
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, do not place all your eggs in a cart.
That’s said the saying wise. The basic of his fiction is if all the eggs you put in one basket then when the basket falls then break the whole egg. All became useless.

Plan your family’s future

Who does not want his or her fruit to be educated up to the high level? Surely every parent wants it, right? There are many ways parents can make their children reach the highest point of the education level in order to benefit his or her future life.
Unfortunately, there are many factors that can be said to be the obstacle or barrier of such achievement. For example, the lack of seed in regulating the family economy resulted in education funds used for other purposes, health problems, calamities that were not expected until death.
Therefore, nowadays many parents are already preparing funds early so that in the future, their children can continue their education without the hassle of cost. From the variety of ways there are 2 things that are quite reasonable and can be taken, namely to set aside money to be saved as an education saving or also have education insurance.

Ilustration: Plan your family’s future

Then which one is more appropriate to choose? A savings or a good educational insurance?

Not a few parents who choose to save or away their money in the bank with the thought of such money can be taken at any time without having to wait for any process. Even the funds can also be used at any time for other urgent purposes and then replaced when the situation is conducive.
However, the downside is that if the money can be easily taken, then there is a possibility that the funds that have been set aside will not return in full. There is also a possibility that the funds will be redundant, but the amount of life is always not balanced with income in each month. Therefore, the risk of pruning education funds that are saved in the bank is greater.
In addition, from the protective side, the fruit will not get any protection from any risk that at any time can overwrite it, such as illness or also accident. All must be borne by parents using personal money or even take the projected money for future education funds.

Unlike the bank’s savings, the money paid or premiums deposited to the insurer cannot be taken at any time. There are some companies that allow the insurance money to be taken at any time, but there must be a special clause and a previous agreement.
However, aside from taking the money at any time after being deposited to the insurer or insurance company, you can see the benefits of education insurance products, that is, the fruit will get Protection from the deadline to the conclusion of the insurance contract.
The protection includes many things, from the risk of illness, accidents to death. Therefore, not many people are more glancing at using good educational insurance services than by away their money in the bank for the same purpose.
Even if the insured is a parent, although the parent dies, the parents will still be able to continue his education until adulthood without having to think about the cost because of the benefits provided by the insurance product.

Tips on running a business Online while keeping your office work

Every day doing work in the office is not an easy task. You will get a variety of matters that need to be done as well as various problems that can suddenly come. The monthly salary earned sometimes can not be adequate to pay the cost of living a month. There’s a new opportunity to run an online business.
Nowadays, online business is easy to run. From the business of selling clothes to various equipments that can help daily life. The platform is also diverse, from social media to e-commerce. It feels heavy when coupled with office work, but the revenue earned is not small. That’s what makes online business very tempting. In order to make a balance between office work and online business, the following five tips must be followed.

Ilustration: Tips on running a business Online while keeping your office work

Choose the most suitable online business for you
The earliest step in running a business is certainly looking for a business that suits you best. You can find out what to sell. The easiest is to find the one you like. If you like fashion, then you can sell clothes. If you like culinary, you can sell your favorite food. With you choosing the most suitable business, you can run it more casually and calmly because it is just like a hobby. Income will also come by itself without noticeably.

Fixed 100% focus for office work
When choosing to run an online business while keeping an office job, the main problem is focus. By having two jobs, the focus will usually split, even a bad impact into the actual office work is your main job.
You should still try to focus 100% on work in the office by changing the way you think. When you’re in the office, don’t think about your online business, especially if the problem is coming. Stay focused and let your thoughts about the business online when you’re home from work.

Set time Well
In a day, there are only 24 hours that you can walk. But when it has two jobs, sometimes the time to move is short and it makes you become a mind. For that, you can try to set the time well. For example let office work master you from entering the office until home. After that, with the time remaining, you can take care of the online business.

Always ready with the worst case scenario
Going through two jobs is not an easy thing. Sometimes the problem comes as a change, even a nightmare for you. So while going through two jobs, you should always be prepared with the worst case scenario.
For example, office management doesn’t like the business you’re running. It is a nightmare of its own because you have only two options: Focus with Office work aka close business or even resign from office to focus to online business. Something like this that can come every time.

Always positive Thinking
Yes, when having two jobs, tired and exhausted will hit you by itself. This can make you instead focus on working and also make the business not going well. For that, try changing your thinking style by staying positive and not thinking about negative things that are just a moment of fear. By keeping positive thinking, you will be more happy and comfortable running those two jobs.

Difference in stock investing with stock Trading

Investing is a word that is often heard in the last few times to this second. This is because there is a wide road in investment. But in time, investment is not an easy thing. In addition to info on the investment too little, coupled with the effort to do so for the layman. Fortunately nowadays, everything can be done easily and quickly so that the investment into a lot of activities done by people from Young to old in order to benefit.

There are many types of investments that can be run right now such as stocks, property, gold to mutual funds. Speaking of stocks, the stock investment is actually a pretty complicated game because it must be able to read the market in order to get the right stocks and can sell them at the right time as well.
Actually, besides stock investment, there are also stock trading terms. While carrying the word “stock”, in fact both activities have significant differences, including the culprit. What are the differences in stock investments with stock trading? Here’s a complete explanation of one of the activities in this financial world.

Ilustration: Difference in stock investing with stock Trading

Investment stocks

This type of investment is an activity to buy stocks and save them when the price rises. But usually people who play stocks are not too with the ups and downs of shares because assuming that the price of the stock will rise again at the right time.
When investing shares, usually the shares that are owned will be withheld for a long time, even more than one year. These purchased stocks usually have low liquidity. If you want to sell, there is enough feeling to keep that stock or even worse conditions. Fortunately, the risks gained when investing in stocks are usually not too large.
Playing stocks with investment systems can be done by anyone, including the layman. But when talking about stock trading, the game has climbed one more level and there is the biggest difference that can be felt.

Stock Trading

As explained above, stock trading has a higher level than stock investment. Why can this argument be issued for stock trading? Because playing stock trading should be done by traders who have first known the ins and outs of the stock world.
Trader does dedicate his life to stocks in order to benefit as much as possible in a short time. When the stock investment is usually withheld for 1 more years, not by trading stocks. The Trader will resell the new shares he bought in a very short period of time. It can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes and longest only 1 week. From the time period and the perpetrators alone, it is obvious how the difference in stock trading is more complicated and challenging than the stock investment.
In addition, the strategy used is certainly much more complicated by looking at the global politics and economy in order to obtain the desired stocks. The risks are also even greater. Therefore, with the concept of selling and buying very fast, not everyone can play in the affairs of stock trading.

How to make money from blogs

You feel interested in blogging activity though don’t know much about what to do? You have no experience and minimal technical ability? Or you haven’t managed to make money since the first blog post? In this article you will find ways of making money from blogging, slowly but surely, earning you will earn.

How do I make money from blogs?
This is so the question for most people, “How do I make money from the blog?”, here are some basic steps traveled from most bloggers who rely on blogs as a livelihood.

  • Create a blog
  • Generate useful content
  • Find a Reader
  • Build closeness with readers who come to your blog
  • Start earning money from the number of existing readers.
ilustration: How to make money from blogs

1. Revenue from advertising

Many bloggers start this way. Obtaining a blog entry in this way is not much different from how magazines or newspapers sell their ads. When traffic starts to go up, you’ll meet advertisers who are willing to spend a fee so that their products or services can be viewed by your readers.

While you need good traffic before placing an ad, there are network ads like Google AdSense that allow small-scale publishers to run ads on their blogs.

2. Income from affiliates
Affiliate promotion is the most common type of income that bloggers have.
Affiliate inclusion means that you create a link to a product that is sold on another site, for example in Dewaweb, and if someone follows your link and buys that product, you will earn a commission from the sale.

This is so a great way to start blog monetization because the Affiliate program is easy to sign up for its. In addition, when you have a loyal reader, they will follow the recommendations you make to a product.

3. Hold Events
Although this is not a choice of most bloggers, but more and more bloggers are making money from holding events.
The size of events held varies from major conferences to bloggers ‘ meetings and smaller readers. The money generated can be from the ticket payment by the present reader or find the event sponsor. Follow our guide to hold an event.

4. Recurring Income
Another category for the inclusion of bloggers is through recurring income or can also be called program continuity or membership program. This means that readers pay some money regularly, usually monthly or annually, to gain access to premium content, community areas, specific services, training, or a combination of them.

5. Services or services
One common way for many bloggers to earn money is through service offerings to their readers. This can be many forms ranging from training and consulting, writing, design, or other freelance services.

6. Products
Some bloggers get a major income from book sales. Indeed, this kind of product takes time to manufacture, but quite profitable.
Products can be many forms, not only e-book, but also can be virtual products such as software, reports, and so on.
Other types of products that bloggers sell are physical products. This is very reasonable when blogger/you have a business or product for sale

7. Other revenue streams
There are certainly income in other forms obtained by bloggers. Some are requests for donations or syndication of content to other sites.
Most full-time bloggers make money with more than one revenue channel. Varying income accelerates your journey to become a full-time blogger.